Colin Lowe Photography

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Behind the Camera

Growing up down country roads, my parents taught me about the simpler things in life. My siblings and I have work ethics, loyalty, respect, and most importantly a relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Whether you grew up in a saddle like myself, or you come from a concrete jungle, the most influential people are those around you. Surrounding yourself with individuals who have qualities you admire will help set yourself up for success. This is what I have done and I have my parents to blame for my southern hospitality and drawl. 

I grew up in northeastern Oklahoma, moved to north Texas, back to southwest Oklahoma before graduating from high school and attending Oklahoma State University. Graduating with a degree in Agricultural Communications, I moved to Central Texas and started taking pictures part-time. This renewed my passion for photography and I decided it was time to become fully dedicated. I have recently moved to Northern Colorado where I have "taken my talents to the mountains." 

Contact me and let us begin our journey down the roads of life which will bless us both. In the words of the late Chris LeDoux, 'sit tall in the saddle and keep your head your head up high.' God bless and good luck.